About Our

About our Practice
Gungahlin General Practice was established in 1999. Our practice has been architecturally designed located in spacious rooms in Gungahlin Square complex (near Aldi). Our promise is to be available when you require us. We are determined to consistently exceed your expectations in all areas of our service and we aim to help you understand all about your health, so you can make successful choices for yourself and your family. Our friendly reception staff looks forward to welcoming you and ensuring your visit is enjoyable as well as medically comprehensive.

Languages Spoken
Professional and Family interpreters are welcome.

Your Doctor will help you to determine the most appropriate specialist or allied health professional to look after your health care needs. Referrals cannot be backdated. A small administration fee will apply.

Contacting Your Doctor
Your Doctor can be contacted during business hours. Your Doctor will take urgent calls at the time. Non-urgent calls will be taken as a message for the Doctor and your call will be returned.

Repeat Prescriptions
Our Doctors encourage you to have a review when requiring a repeat prescription. This is regarded as best practice medicine. At the discretion of the Doctor concerned a repeat prescription may be done without an appointment. A small administration fee will apply.

Medical Certificates
A medical certificate is a legal document. They will be issued for medical conditions where time off is required. Certificates cannot be backdated. You cannot be issued with a certificate unless the Doctor is consulted.

If your results are abnormal the practice will notify you. If you are not contacted by the practice or if the Doctor has not prearranged for you to return to discuss the results, then it is requested that the patient should contact the practice to find out, if the reviewing Doctor has suggested any directives.

Patient information is kept completely confidential. No patient information will be released to a third party unless consent has been obtained from the patient concerned.

Our practice is very focused on preventative health care. Reminders will be periodically sent out to remind you of important health checks. We will now be sending secure mobile notifications via HotDoc to tell you when you are due to visit the clinic. If you receive an SMS from our practice, you'll need to click the link and verify your information before you can view the message. The message will include any instructions from your doctor, and then (depending on the message) you can book an appointment or call the clinic for more information.

Doctors set their own fees at the medical practice. Please contact the practice for information on our fee structure. Generally our Doctors have similar fees.

Accounts are not issued and we require settlement of the account at the end of your consultation.

Cash, credit cards, EFTPOS are available methods of payment.

All Workers Compensation/ Third Party cases that do not have an accepted claim number will have to pay for the consultation.

We are fully accredited with AGPAL

Suggestions or Complaints
We appreciate any suggestions about how to improve our service.

If for some reason you have been provided with less than optimal service from one of the Doctors or our Administration staff please do not hesitate to contact the Practice Manager or one of the doctors.

An official complaint can be sent to the Community & Healthcare Complaints Commissioner GPO Box 321, Canberra. ACT. 2601.

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